Here are the choices of poultry we can supply:

What you could ask for in our shop?

Don’t have much time to cook a meal? Is it a special occasion or a roast? We can help and advise.

If in doubt ask at the counter as we can help with advice with reciepe ideas and cooking tips depending on the meal.

Where does our Poultry come from?

Our Poultry is sourced from Norfolk and Suffolk. We only serve you with the best quality poultry.

Ways to cook our Poultry

A whole Chicken and Chicken Crowns needs to be roasted, cooking times will vary due to the weight of the bird.

Thighs, drummers, legs, fillets can be cooked by roasting, casseroles, pan fried or on BBQ.

We can also add additional flavours at your request, popular examples include:

  • Sweet Chilli and Lime
  • Cajun
  • Chinese
  • Sticky Maple
  • Kentucky Borbon
  • Smokey BBQ

We have a wide range of flavours so please ask for what we can supply.