Norfolk Cheeses:

Walsingham – a hard, pressed matured cheese.

Binham Blue – a creamy “melt in the mouth“ blue cheese.

Copys Cloud – a soft cheese with a white rind.

Wells Alpine – a hard, continental style cheese.

Norfolk Dapple – smooth, creamy with a mature and full flavour; with a dry and hard texture.

Speciality Cheeses:

Colliers Extra Mature Cheddar – a powerful, punchy Welsh cheese with fabulous strong flavour.

Baron Bigod – A full-flavoured Brie-style cheese, hand-made in Suffolk

Dorset Red – naturally Oak Smoked Mature Cheddar deliciously smooth mellow, smoky flavour.

Wookey Hole Farmhouse Cheddar – aged in Somerset caves for an earthy nutty flavour.

Black Bomber – extra mature cheddar – deep flavours and a smooth creamy texture.

Red Storm – 18 month old mature Red Leicester

Amber Mist – Mature Cheddar with Whiskey

Lancaster Bomb – mature, soft cheddar